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Control the Powers of the Storm br br Play as Thor God of Thunder in an original action adventure as he battles to save the Norse worlds from legions of titanic enemies lifted from the comics Wield the iconic Mj lnir Thor s legendary hammer and use powerful melee combos lethal hammer throws elemental storm powers and a robust grappling system Players will feel what it s like to go toe-to-toe with 12-ton 25-foot tall frost giants and trolls br br strong Key Features strong br ul li strong First 2011 Summer Blockbuster strong Following Marvel s 620M hit Iron Man 2 the Thor film will be backed by a bigger marketing campaign generating huge franchise awareness li li strong Become the God of Thunder strong Step into the role of Thor and wield the mighty hammer Mj lnir in Thor s first standalone game li li strong Superhuman Elemental Powers strong Unleash Mj lnir s primal storm powers of lightning thunder and wind Electrocute throngs of trolls or split the ground in two with an earthshaking thunder attack that knocks frost giants to the ground li li strong Epic Combat strong Use brawn and brains as you bash opponents with hammer attacks and throw combos Scale titanic frost giants and trolls using multiple grappling points to nd and attack weak spots li li strong Level Up strong Choose new abilities powers nbsp and weapon upgrades as Thor earns Valor runes through battle victories li li strong Multiple Platform Strengths strong The next gen versions deliver breathtaking cinematic third-person action The Wii version has exclusive motion comic cinematics and dedicated ight levels using the Wii Remote The Nintendo DS offers action packed side-scrolling adventures li li strong Original Storyline strong Narrative was overseen by Eisner Award-winning writer and lead Thor comic book author Matt Fraction li li strong Star power strong Features voice and likeness of Thor film actors Chris Hemsworth as THOR and Tom Hiddleston as LOKI li ul  


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UPC: 00010086670387
RELEASED: 2011-05-03

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