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Swords pits you against the best of the best from past present and future in the ultimate sword fighting contest This is what you ve trained for this is your destiny Make your way from the dojo to the Final Showdown and prove that you are the greatest swordsman of all time br strong br Features strong br ul li The Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus is your ultimate weapon li ul li Experience the realism of 1 1 sword movement real time blocking and advanced combos li ul li Earn new swords with every victory each with its own unique abilities li li Travel through time and space compete in challenging tournaments and face-off against the masters of each style in brutal boss battles li li Challenge a friend or play together in 2-Player mode li li Increase your skills and learn new combos in training challenges like carving sparring blocking and even battling a horde of zombies li li Battle against 8 unique bosses each with a distinct look and home arena that represents their fighting styles li ul li strong Sensei Musashi strong Your sensei and adopted father He will prepare you for the tournament li li strong Armin strong This giant Viking chieftain swings a big sword and is looking to take your head off nbsp Be alert and quick li li Lancelot Sir Lancelot is a brave knight of the round table Using a broadsword and shield his only weakness is his ritualized fighting style li li strong Princess Aisha the Generous strong Aisha is a swift and dangerous foe Catch her when she changes direction and exploit this short window of vulnerability li li strong Captain Jack Rackham strong A clever and nimble opponent Captain Jack is a first class scoundrel Watch out for his cheating ways and his bag of blinding sand li li strong Keiko Anamura strong This flirtatious lady will lure you in with compassion before stabbing you in the back Her temper is her greatest strength and also her weakness li li strong Razor strong The last of the Jumandi hunter droids Razor comes from the distant future Armed with laser swords and capable of incredible acrobatic moves Razor almost seems undefeatable Mysterious final combatant who will it be li ul ul  


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RELEASED: 2010-09-17

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