Laser Light Scattering (Dover Classics of Science and Mathematics)

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Book annotation not available for this title br b Title b Laser Light Scattering br b Author b Johnson Charles S Gabriel Don A br b Publisher b Dover Pubns br b Publication Date b 1995 01 09 br b Number of Pages b 96 br b Binding Type b PAPERBACK br b Library of Congress b a href lccn loc gov 94024205 target Library of Congress 94024205 a  
author:=Johnson, Charles S./ Gabriel, Don A.--Book Type:=NF--Dewey Classification:=674.19/285--Language:=ENGLISH--Library of Congress Number:=94024205--Number of Pages:=96--Physical Format:=02--Place of Publication:=01--Publish Date:=1995/01/09--Publisher Imprint Code:=DOVER--Publisher Name:=Dover Pubns--Returns Accepted?:=Yes


BRAND: Johnson,+Charles+S./+Gabriel,+Don+A.
ITEM ID: 1000158
MPN: 9780486683287
MSRP: $11.95
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Laser Light Scattering (Dover Classics of Science and Mathematics)
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